Business Owners: What You Should Know About High Pile

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Business Owners: What You Should Know About High Pile

Combustible materials that are being stored in small, tightly packed spaces, whether inside or outside, fall under the fire code as high piled storage under certain commodity classification and height ranges. High piled storage can be a small or severe fire hazard, depending on the combustibility of the materials being stored and how dense the […]

Commercial Sprinkler Systems

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Commercial Sprinkler Systems

How Sprinkler Systems in Commercial Buildings Work Strict fire codes outline how a sprinkler system should be installed into a commercial building in order to decrease the expansion of fire and keep it from spreading should one occur. Automatic sprinkler systems are the first line of defense once a fire breaks out. The rapid rise […]

IBC and Fire Prevention

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Building Codes and Fire Prevention When a fire occurs, it is essential that a well functioning fire detection and prevention system is in place. Early detection can help save lives and property from damage. However, it is not enough to merely detect the fire. The building itself should be designed to prevent fires and to […]

Automatic Sprinkler Systems

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The Automatic Sprinkler System: The Best Defense Against Fire Damage In 1806 the automatic sprinkler system was invented by an Englishman named John Carey. He used a series of perforated pipes connected to an elevated water tank which held the pressurized water in place by the use of closed valves. The valves were held in […]